About Seth Jared Hymes

Seth Jared Hymes is a filmmaker, educator, and entrepeneur. He co-wrote and produced "Wally Got Wasted", putting together a multi location movie with 100s of actors on an independent movie budget. You can see Seth Jared Hymes talk about some of the fun/crazy/excitement of producing a movie of this scope on an indie budget in this behind the scenes documentary on "Wally Got Wasted." 

Beyond filmmaking, Seth is a Youtube Influencer and Educator. His career training program "The Digital Marketing Career Blueprint" has helped 1000s of people change their lives and begin jobs in digital marketing.

He also wrote a book called "Skip College for Success" to help inspire young people to bypass the expense of college and begin their careers faster and smarter with marketable skills.  

You can learn more about Seth on his blog Seth Jared Hymes and via his Youtube Channel

Three friends accidentally kill a very bad man,

but they screw up getting rid of the body. 

So they are forced to pretend he is alive while being chased throughout the streets of LA in one crazy night. 

Directed By
Adam William Ward

WRITTEN BY        
Seth Hymes &
Adam William Ward

PRoduced BY      
Adam William Ward  &
Seth Hymes

patrick cavanaugh 
adam william ward
aaron groben
james babson